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Sorrento Villas


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Sorrento Villas Quick Facts

  • Condo Fees: $430 monthly to $1655 quarterly plus master association fee $150 annually

  • Pets Allowed: Yes, 2 100 lbs+

  • Rentals: Must own for 1 year before renting

  • Parking: 1 car attached garage

  • Amenities: Maintenance free

  • Some Sorrento Villas condo associations are managed by Casey Management 941-922-3391, some sections are self-managed

Sorrento Villas Nokomis FL for sale

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Sorrento Villas Nokomis FL For Sale

Sorrento Villas are located in Sorrento South (villas phase 1 and 3) and Sorrento East (villas phase 4,5, and 6). Both sections are stand alone villas and represent a good value for the location near beaches and local amenities.

Sorrento Villas 1 and 3 may be leased for a minimum of 3 months one time per year.  Sorrento Villas 4,5, and 6 may be leased for a minimum 6 month period two times per year.  Villas in both sections may come with boat docks available in other sections of Sorrento for very reasonable fees. 

Many Sorrento Villas units have significant updating, including roofs and impact windows.

Sorrento Villas nearest beach route:

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Sorrento Villas demographic and real estate report
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