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Search Venice FL villas for sale, with no email or sign up required.

Villas for sale in Venice FL can be attached or detached, with the appearance of a single family home.

Villas are managed like condos, but there are differences.  Villa owners are more likely to have responsibility over roofs and windows compared to condo owners.

Villa in Venice FL

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Venice FL Villas for Sale

Villas are broadly classified as condos, and are managed by condo associations and condo rules and regulations.  Villas differ from condos in that the property owner may be responsible for more exterior maintenance of the villa and the grounds surrounding the villa.  The owner may also own the ground the villa sits on.  Traditional condo fees (or assessments) may or may not cover the roof, building exterior, windows, railings, pest control, and decks.

In our area, a villa may be a stand alone property or share a middle wall as a paired villa.
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