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Browse Venice FL area beachfront condos for sale with no sign up required

Many condos are listed incorrectly as being "beachfront" in the MLS.

Here I have specifically selected Venice FL beach condos that are geographically located on the beach or beach side of the road.  

Venice FL beach condos for sale

Venice FL Beach Condos For Sale

More about:

More about Venice FL beach condos for sale

Venice FL beach condos are in high demand and a true value compared beach condos on Siesta Key and Longboat Key.  I consider Venice FL beach condos to be a truly best kept secret in Florida real estate.  


If you are interested in a beach condo, because of limited availability, I offer an extended service area from Manasota Key to Anna Maria Island.  You can sign up for the latest Venice Beach condos update below.

Property taxes

For estimated property tax after a change of ownership, multiply the mill rate .0158551 with the sales price of your condo

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