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Pool Homes
Pool Homes


Browse all Venice FL pool homes for sale.  No email or sign in required.  

A Venice FL pool home is the ultimate dream of a lot of homebuyers. Let me help you find yours.

This page lists single family homes with private pools only.

Venice FL pool homes for sale
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Venice FL pool homes

Venice FL Pool Homes for Sale

If you are coming to Venice from a colder climate you may want to consider a pool home in a different light than you would for a pool home up north.  Maintaining a Venice FL pool is relatively easy, with pool supply stores in almost every strip center.  


If you don't want to maintain your pool yourself, there are an abundance of pool companies that are eager for your business.  Salt water pools require almost no maintenance.  Having a Venice pool home adds value and will definitely come in handy when the beach parking lots are full of vacationers.

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