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Learn more about Venice FL flood zones, maps, and FEMA designations.

Map your Venice FL evacuation zone and route: 


Every part of the country, not just Florida, could be under revised flood maps.  If you live near any body of water, the chances are your flood insurance costs will rise.


In the Venice area, the most common flood zone designations are explained in the graphic.


If you are getting a mortgage, you will have to have flood insurance if your home is not above base flood elevation (BFE, usually 10 ft. above sea level) in any zone starting with a V or an A, and your rates will be higher.


Lower risk zones such as B or X designations carry a lower risk of flooding and a lower rate of insurance.


You can likely forego paying flood insurance in zones C or X, if you are getting a mortgage.


Condo buyers do not need separate flood insurance, as that liability is normally covered in the association fee. Cash buyers are not required to have flood insurance to purchase property in FL.

Venice FL flood zones

Properties on our barrier islands are usually in A or V rated flood zones.  A home on a canal may have an AE rating, while a home across the street on an open body of water such as Sarasota Bay may be at the same elevation, with a V rating. 


The difference with a V rating (called the "Velocity Zone") is the increased potential damage from wave action, in addition to wind velocity and storm surge flooding.

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Condos and Flood Insurance

If you own a condo, your condo association fees cover insurance for the structure, such as exterior walls, windows, and roof.  Owner's condo insurance provides coverage for HVAC, appliances, and personal items located within the stud walls, and will protect you from loss in a flood event.

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Map your Venice FL property flood zone: 


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